21 August 2012

Svajerløbet - Cargo Bike Race

Larry and Harry are to competetive guys, many of us got the witness this at the CMWC in Chicago where Harry took 1st place at the Cargoraces this year. When the old rumour mill started going about the Svajerløb things got exciting in the shop! Preparations was made, white shirts was ironed and sidi-shoes was shined! No cargobike owner in Copenhagen (or the world) want's to miss this!

The Svajerløb, for those of you who don't know, is the Danish Open Championships in cargobike racing. Back in the day, when bicylces still dominated the streets of Copenhagen the bikemessengers of that day was called "Svajers", because the swayed on their heavly loaded cargobikes. Once a year the dapper young cargobike riders gathered togheter and raced their bikes in order to crown the fastest Svajer of the town. The winner would get bragging rights for 1 year and such is the rules today.

For the second year in a row the Svajerløb was held at the old Carlsberg factory in the lovely burrogh of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, people from all over the world had traveled to our fair hometown in order to race their cargobikes, drink a feew beers and meet likeminded friends from around the globe. Since svajer always has been a suave personality we where very pleased to se people taking this part of the race seriously and dressing up for the occation. We saw bowties, suspenders and blinding white shirts... and this to a bike race!

Svajerløbet 2012
Kilt, cleats and MTB-shoes - a wining combination

Svajerløb 2012 - Claus Bullitt
Last years winner Claus, showing of some Svajer-style!

Riding hard... in style

People came not only from around the world but also on all kinds of bikes, old and new. We loved watching the Old Timers-race and seeing the bikes from before the war battling it out on the course. Even though the bikes are old, some of them heavly attacked by rust and weighs a ton they brave riders still knew how to push the pedals to the max!

Svajerløb 2012 - Bride to Be
Birthe, participant in the Team Relay race and the "premie-pige" of the day

As the day progressed in the blazing sun more and more people turned up, as is usual in copenhagen cheerful mix of people. Children, parents, messengers and cargobike owners (yeah, just regular copenhageners), met up and had a great day in the sun. Our guests from the US, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, New Zeeland and all other places had a great time. As the day drew to a close most the participants got togheter and took their cargobikes around the corse and helped to dismount the course and to gather all the stuff togheter. This is after all copenhagen and here we use our bikes!

Svajerløbet 2012
Ladies Finals - Charlotte in the middle was the winner.

Jimmie Jumbo from By-Expressen - winner of men's 2-wheel race. in the background Claus from Team Bullit.

The bride-to-be Birthe and her team-mates from "Team Love"

Brave riders racing their Bullitt's through the sand-pit

Svajerløb 2012_2
Cargobikes and cargobike races from all over the world!

Svajerløb 2012 - Team Relay Medallists_1
Last but not least, proud winners of the Team Relay race: Team Bullitt Hangover!

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