5 January 2012

Greetings from Apple

Last summer Larry and Harry had a visit from the States.His name was Apple and he had saved just enough money to visit Copenhagen and to buy a Bluebird´71.Yesterday Harry received a mail from Apple and it went like this:

"I love my Bullitt. I ride it much more than I expected. It has become my main bicycle. I hardly ever ride the other two. I ride it to work everyday which is about 19 miles round trip. While it is good for hauling groceries and my girlfriend, I really like that the bike makes me relax. The first few weeks I was riding it fast. Working hard to run about 15 mph. I realized that I can take it easy and enjoy the bike and the ride much more at 12mph. So the bike is helping me to be relaxed when I get to work.

Here in Indianapolis (not Minneapolis) there are no other cargo bikes around. People stare and ask questions all the time. Often guys in truck and rednecks have a bad attitude towards bicycles. The funny thing is those same guys love this bike. I have walked out of a shop and had construction workers come over to look at the bike. The guys in trucks seem to understand the bike better than most people who ride bikes. Other times I will pass someone and I can tell by their facial expression that they just realized that a bicycle can do far more than they ever expected. It's fun for me to watch people's reaction."

Larry and Harry surely loves Apples!


  1. You have posted good way to save bulk of money. Just last week, i have seen double top tube in nearest store. I have planning to buy, but its price is too much high. So that i am thinking to go for Bluebird as you have posted.
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  2. Fantastic! I'm also an Indianapolis cyclist who has been dreaming of cargo bikes. I get around everywhere on my Surly LHT, which has also helped me learn to relax on the ride and enjoy it. I think because there's so few of us in this city on bikes, we have this idea of matching the speed of the cars, but slowing down and not dripping in sweat upon arrival is so much better. I'll say hi when I see that Bluebird!