29 October 2011

It´s Superfly

A week ago,Larry and Harry declared,that the world should be aware of the upcoming Superfly.So,what was it all about;what was behind the hype?Surprisingly it was a bicycle,a new Bullitt,technically top of the line and beautifully designed too.Another icon from the supreme duo,this time in a warm co-operation with the design duo,Tombola.
More important,than all the technical issues (11-speed Alfine groupset,Supra rims,Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires etc) was the fact,that the bike should be launched and celebrated at a great party in the shop in Copenhagen.And what a party it was!Excellent coffee served at the sidewalk by Ole from Kaffecyklen,cold beers elegantly delivered by Tuborg,Bullitts of all kind (including the first customized Superfly) and a lot of great people made it a night to remember.The night was in another word:Superfly!