27 August 2011

Land of milk and honey

It was a beautiful Copenhagen morning when a local girl turned 125 years.The Irma girl,the representative of the supermarket Irma,was celebrating her birthday by handing out ecological carrots to the passing bicycles and pedestrians.This is just as sweet as it can be (actually there were two Irma girls with carrots which made it double sweet)!


In Denmark election was announced yesterday at 11.15 AM.The rule is that you are not allowed to put up posters for the politicians before the election is announced.At 11 AM there were no posters in Copenhagen,at 12.30 PM thousands of posters were hanging all over the city.How could they be that efficient?By using cargobikes for the transportation,stupid!
On the photo you see Søren on Nørrebrogade putting up posters for the social democrat,Ida Auken (both participants in the 2010 Danish Cargobike Championships).
Please note that the danish premier minister officially choose the date for the election so it wouldn´t interfere with the Racebike World Championships in Copenhagen.We therefor bring a photo of him to show how serious he is about biking,his choice of date probably shows how unserious he is about politics.

20 August 2011

Summer party

Yesterday Larry and Harry had their annual summer party in their shop in Copenhagen.And what a party it was!Therfor they would like to thank the following:Svajerduoen for bringing music and an incredible amount of energy,Daniel from Byman Cykler for bringing his portable music machine and for trying to skid the fixed Bullitt,the sidekick Claus for taking care of the shop today,Charlotte and Maja for being able to drink vodka and shooting photos,Microsoft Gay Pride for sponsoring the beers,the neighbors for their patience with us,Anna Nichole for showing her nice legs and lingerie,the danish police for being so polite and sober at 2 AM,Mads for being so welldressed,the guys from Soigneur for good sportsmanship,Jeppe from Maduro for being the funniest guy alive and last but not least to all those who dropped by for a beer and a dance.Larry and Harry love you all!