24 July 2011

The Bullitt and the sportscar

A while ago this blog had a story about a good friend of Larry and Harry,the fabulous british gentleman Ken.At the same time as Ken had got his first Bullitt TNT an old friend of his had fulfilled his old dream and purchased an Aston Martin.Following the two friends realized,that of these two magnificent vehicles it was the Bullitt who draw the most attention from the girls.
This weekend a funny similar incident took place.The bavarian gentleman Florian (yes,another gentleman and another great friend of Larry and Harry) had a call from his cousin.While standing in front of the Brandhorst Museum in Munich he had seen a Bugatti Veyron,one of the most wonderful cars in the world.When the car passed the museum he was distracted by two parked bikes.He had forgotten the car and instead focussed on these beautiful pedal-powered vehicles.Do we need to say which vehicles it was?
Bullitt;can´t keep your eyes from looking.