17 November 2011

Melvin from Bristol

Today Larry and Harry wants you to share a story about one of their new friends:Melvin from Bristol.
Melvin has just started his own business and among other stuff he needed a vehicle.Though Melvin is not a young hipster he is a man with modern ideas and he decided to go for a Bullitt,more precisely a Clockwork.To learn a little more about his new purchase and to see some beautiful parts of England,he went to Telford and picked the Bullitt and rode home.108 miles in 12 hours!
Quite impressive,Melvin!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, thanks for the call guys; just to be clear about this, there are two others who have helped get this company up and running - James Perrott and Mick Mack. James is involved only in a support capacity now whilst Mick is out there, flying the streets with the Co-operative Bullitt.