28 September 2011

Le copycat

If you ever copy a Bullitt Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer will find you and eat you for breakfast,no excuses!And then again there might be cases where the Deadly Trio let you live:
A brilliant french gardener decides that he wants a Bullitt.When he realizes that he can buy over one hundred liters of redwine for the same money he decides to build the Bullitt himself.OK,he is a great gardener and one hell of a handyman but he is not really a bikebuilder.Today his Milk Plus is more a Milk Minus and it still only runs on the back of his pickup truck.Marcel,in this case Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer pardon you (but in any other case...)!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, it's like a chinese mountain bike with a birdcage attached!