28 September 2011

Le copycat

If you ever copy a Bullitt Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer will find you and eat you for breakfast,no excuses!And then again there might be cases where the Deadly Trio let you live:
A brilliant french gardener decides that he wants a Bullitt.When he realizes that he can buy over one hundred liters of redwine for the same money he decides to build the Bullitt himself.OK,he is a great gardener and one hell of a handyman but he is not really a bikebuilder.Today his Milk Plus is more a Milk Minus and it still only runs on the back of his pickup truck.Marcel,in this case Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer pardon you (but in any other case...)!

King of the alleycat

It has been a crazy bike-week in Copenhagen.The World Championships in road racing took place in the center of the city,closing down automobile traffic for almost 4 days.More will follow about this story.
As an event to celebrate bicycling,Rapha,WHC and Larry and Harry organized an alleycat in the late night streets of Copenhagen.The danish cargobike champion,Claus,participated on his Bullitt.If it wasn´t for a taxidoor he might even have won.Instead the winner must be this bloke;after two puntures he wasn´t able to continue and therefor he rented a citybike and fulfilled the race.That´s the spirit!

7 September 2011

Land of milk and honey II

A great person celebrated her birthday yesterday.Elsa,the neighbor of Harry,turned one hundred together with a crowd of family and friends.She has managed to stay alive by being alive and she surely is an example to follow.Harry wishes you a happy birthday,Elsa!