24 June 2011

A good friend of Larry and Harry,Pierce Brosnan,was in Copenhagen recently.To visit Copenhagen requires a bikeride,that counts for everybody.Therefor our good friends were asked to find a bike that would fit the former James Bond.Obviously they did not choose the Bullitt. Pierce should ride something exclusive,something that was danish,classic and suitable for an irish gentleman.In order to get a vehicle like that,Harry called another great gentleman,Ivan from Baisikeli.He knew exactly what Harry was asking for and told that a bike of that describtion could be picked up at his house.And what a vehicle:an original Hamlet from 1952 with only one owner before Ivan.It just needed a little air in the tires and then it was ready.
Under the wings of a Copenhagen angel,Mrs Bullitt,Pierce rode his Hamlet for 6 hours around the beautiful town.Even James Bond had to surrender to the bikes when he was copenhagenized.

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