9 April 2011

Yellow kangaroos

Check out these sunny saddles from the Busyman in Melbourne,Australia.


  1. Wife and I were walking the 4-month old and his stroller through Fuessen on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle this morning when we came across our first Bullitt, hence my visit to your site. I'm an avid cyclist and keen to find options to take my kid along- I then found out that Fuessen was the site of The Great Escape! Talk about serendipity...

  2. Also from Australia. Hoping to cast a warm glow over a certain sort of cycling here, I'm hanging 61 pieces of bike art on the Tap gallery walls this weekend.

    All the same theme, stately bikes, all in the same place and all the same artist, a small world first maybe. No Cargo bike images that I'm happy with as yet but I'm working on it.