26 January 2011

What´s wrong with the automobile industry?

Lately there have been a lot of talk concerning the automobile industry trying to benefit from bicycles. Bikes are being used in car commercials and bikes are being produced by the producers of cars. These bikes are usually just funny - not bad but not great either, just funny.
Today this blue mountain bike showed up in a bike rack close to the shop of Larry and Harry. Apparently produced by an iconic producer of cars. Even highly-praised models. So why did Ford make this blue pile of iron shit? Will this actually help sell more Fords?
Is a Ford a good automobile? No idea.But we have to warn you; do not buy a bike from Ford (unless it´s a gift for somebody you hate)!


  1. Kind of an ugly looking overprung wannabe mountain bike thing. So what's wrong with it? Besides being inappropriate for an urban environment in a country that's so flat you can see the whole thing from the top of a soap box (heard that one from a Swede)that is? Is it badly made or something?

    Marrowstone Island,
    Washington State,

  2. the only things Swedes see in Denmark is the beer and alcohol aisles of our supermarkets. copenhagen is flat but not so in the rest of the country. in our national anthem we sing about our hills and vallies. try cycling in Aarhus, for example. the Swedes don't, but you could. :-)

  3. Glenn, being only able to see a few details on this picture, I can only guess, but I'm certain that the front blades are the kind that's bolted in place. Even though it's new enough that it hasn't lost the protective plastic thingies on the wheels, rust has already appeared on a few choice screws.