26 January 2011

Winter time version 2.0

This morning it was snowing againThis is not satisfying;the danish politicians actually promised global warming.
Fortunately the copenhageners don´t give a damn about a little snow.

What´s wrong with the automobile industry?

Lately there have been a lot of talk concerning the automobile industry trying to benefit from bicycles. Bikes are being used in car commercials and bikes are being produced by the producers of cars. These bikes are usually just funny - not bad but not great either, just funny.
Today this blue mountain bike showed up in a bike rack close to the shop of Larry and Harry. Apparently produced by an iconic producer of cars. Even highly-praised models. So why did Ford make this blue pile of iron shit? Will this actually help sell more Fords?
Is a Ford a good automobile? No idea.But we have to warn you; do not buy a bike from Ford (unless it´s a gift for somebody you hate)!

24 January 2011


As told,we would like to celebrate in this blog rather than remember.Today we celebrate Aaron Nevilles 70 years birthday.Lean back for a moment and enjoy his great version of "Tell it like it is".

21 January 2011

Ray Charles - In The Evening

Larry and Harry wishes you all a nice evening.

20 January 2011

Atlantic Bullitts

A good friend of Larry and Harry,the legendary german immigrant Steff,got an offer he couldn´t refuse.After selling Bullitts out of his apartment for a couple of years he was offered a shop.And what a shop!Facing the Atlantic Ocean or to be more precise:last shop before New York.
So if you go to Porto don´t forget to visit Steffs shop.He also makes a great coffee!

18 January 2011

The 90 years anniversery

Today is a great day for all danes,a day to celebrate.The Pølsevogn turns 90 today!
The pølsevogn (sausage wagon) is the place were you can go and buy classics as the hotdog,the to ristede med brød and the poor mans favorite:the krasser.Though the pizzas and shawarmas are pushing the pølsevogn it is still alive.Every morning and every evening you see them blocking the car traffic (just like the Christiania trikes are blcking the bike lanes).
Larry and Harry congratulates this danish classic.

17 January 2011

Buy a Bullitt. We Know Where You Live.

Saturday Night-Hans
We know where you sleep. What you eat for breakfast. What you're doing right this minute.

Buy a Bullitt. Or else.

11 January 2011


Let´s try not to make this a memorial blog but a lively blog.So this will hopefully be the last "in memory of" for a long time!
Peter Yates is dead;the great movie director who among other great movies did "Bullitt".What better memory than this movie clip...

4 January 2011

Bicycle hangovers

Looks like these bikes got tired from celebrating New Year...

1 January 2011


Larry and Harry wishes all of you a happy new year!