15 December 2011

Århus-København 2012

The first of September next year a danish bike-classic will return: Århus-København.Starting in Århus,crossing 2 straights on bridges normally closed for bikes,and finally ending up in Copenhagen.375 kilometers,a fair ride for a racingbike but a serious mouthfull for a Bullitt.So a Bullitt-ride it will be for a very dear friend of Larry and Harry,our own Claus Andersen aka Copenhagenthighs.With a calculated average speed of 28 km/h he will arrive Copenhagen the same day at 7.30 PM.
If you happens to be in Copenhagen that day,come and join Larry and Harry celebrating this viking returning from the west.

4 December 2011

Team Bullitt Hangover

Finally it is a fact:the worlds first cargobike club is now training!The goal is of course to win a lot of races but most of all it is about spending a couple of hours weekly with friends.Today was the first official training and five fine fellows appeared at the meeting point under Lange Bridge.Despite a cold and strong wind everybody survived the 50 kilometer ride in 2 hours.Following the five fine fellows were awarded with a visit at McDope.
Hope to see YOU a sunday in a nearby future!

17 November 2011

Melvin from Bristol

Today Larry and Harry wants you to share a story about one of their new friends:Melvin from Bristol.
Melvin has just started his own business and among other stuff he needed a vehicle.Though Melvin is not a young hipster he is a man with modern ideas and he decided to go for a Bullitt,more precisely a Clockwork.To learn a little more about his new purchase and to see some beautiful parts of England,he went to Telford and picked the Bullitt and rode home.108 miles in 12 hours!
Quite impressive,Melvin!

29 October 2011

It´s Superfly

A week ago,Larry and Harry declared,that the world should be aware of the upcoming Superfly.So,what was it all about;what was behind the hype?Surprisingly it was a bicycle,a new Bullitt,technically top of the line and beautifully designed too.Another icon from the supreme duo,this time in a warm co-operation with the design duo,Tombola.
More important,than all the technical issues (11-speed Alfine groupset,Supra rims,Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires etc) was the fact,that the bike should be launched and celebrated at a great party in the shop in Copenhagen.And what a party it was!Excellent coffee served at the sidewalk by Ole from Kaffecyklen,cold beers elegantly delivered by Tuborg,Bullitts of all kind (including the first customized Superfly) and a lot of great people made it a night to remember.The night was in another word:Superfly!

28 September 2011

Le copycat

If you ever copy a Bullitt Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer will find you and eat you for breakfast,no excuses!And then again there might be cases where the Deadly Trio let you live:
A brilliant french gardener decides that he wants a Bullitt.When he realizes that he can buy over one hundred liters of redwine for the same money he decides to build the Bullitt himself.OK,he is a great gardener and one hell of a handyman but he is not really a bikebuilder.Today his Milk Plus is more a Milk Minus and it still only runs on the back of his pickup truck.Marcel,in this case Larry and Harry and Super Lawyer pardon you (but in any other case...)!

King of the alleycat

It has been a crazy bike-week in Copenhagen.The World Championships in road racing took place in the center of the city,closing down automobile traffic for almost 4 days.More will follow about this story.
As an event to celebrate bicycling,Rapha,WHC and Larry and Harry organized an alleycat in the late night streets of Copenhagen.The danish cargobike champion,Claus,participated on his Bullitt.If it wasn´t for a taxidoor he might even have won.Instead the winner must be this bloke;after two puntures he wasn´t able to continue and therefor he rented a citybike and fulfilled the race.That´s the spirit!

7 September 2011

Land of milk and honey II

A great person celebrated her birthday yesterday.Elsa,the neighbor of Harry,turned one hundred together with a crowd of family and friends.She has managed to stay alive by being alive and she surely is an example to follow.Harry wishes you a happy birthday,Elsa!

27 August 2011

Land of milk and honey

It was a beautiful Copenhagen morning when a local girl turned 125 years.The Irma girl,the representative of the supermarket Irma,was celebrating her birthday by handing out ecological carrots to the passing bicycles and pedestrians.This is just as sweet as it can be (actually there were two Irma girls with carrots which made it double sweet)!


In Denmark election was announced yesterday at 11.15 AM.The rule is that you are not allowed to put up posters for the politicians before the election is announced.At 11 AM there were no posters in Copenhagen,at 12.30 PM thousands of posters were hanging all over the city.How could they be that efficient?By using cargobikes for the transportation,stupid!
On the photo you see Søren on Nørrebrogade putting up posters for the social democrat,Ida Auken (both participants in the 2010 Danish Cargobike Championships).
Please note that the danish premier minister officially choose the date for the election so it wouldn´t interfere with the Racebike World Championships in Copenhagen.We therefor bring a photo of him to show how serious he is about biking,his choice of date probably shows how unserious he is about politics.

20 August 2011

Summer party

Yesterday Larry and Harry had their annual summer party in their shop in Copenhagen.And what a party it was!Therfor they would like to thank the following:Svajerduoen for bringing music and an incredible amount of energy,Daniel from Byman Cykler for bringing his portable music machine and for trying to skid the fixed Bullitt,the sidekick Claus for taking care of the shop today,Charlotte and Maja for being able to drink vodka and shooting photos,Microsoft Gay Pride for sponsoring the beers,the neighbors for their patience with us,Anna Nichole for showing her nice legs and lingerie,the danish police for being so polite and sober at 2 AM,Mads for being so welldressed,the guys from Soigneur for good sportsmanship,Jeppe from Maduro for being the funniest guy alive and last but not least to all those who dropped by for a beer and a dance.Larry and Harry love you all!

24 July 2011

The Bullitt and the sportscar

A while ago this blog had a story about a good friend of Larry and Harry,the fabulous british gentleman Ken.At the same time as Ken had got his first Bullitt TNT an old friend of his had fulfilled his old dream and purchased an Aston Martin.Following the two friends realized,that of these two magnificent vehicles it was the Bullitt who draw the most attention from the girls.
This weekend a funny similar incident took place.The bavarian gentleman Florian (yes,another gentleman and another great friend of Larry and Harry) had a call from his cousin.While standing in front of the Brandhorst Museum in Munich he had seen a Bugatti Veyron,one of the most wonderful cars in the world.When the car passed the museum he was distracted by two parked bikes.He had forgotten the car and instead focussed on these beautiful pedal-powered vehicles.Do we need to say which vehicles it was?
Bullitt;can´t keep your eyes from looking.

24 June 2011

The new bikelane

Today The King of Asphalt and his crew finished the final surface on the worlds busiest bikelane,just outside the shop of our two legendary friends.Looks fantastic,nothing is going to stop the bikes!Oh,maybe the fact that this magnificent bike highway goes from two to one lane right here...
Come and chrash at Larry and Harrys crib!

A good friend of Larry and Harry,Pierce Brosnan,was in Copenhagen recently.To visit Copenhagen requires a bikeride,that counts for everybody.Therefor our good friends were asked to find a bike that would fit the former James Bond.Obviously they did not choose the Bullitt. Pierce should ride something exclusive,something that was danish,classic and suitable for an irish gentleman.In order to get a vehicle like that,Harry called another great gentleman,Ivan from Baisikeli.He knew exactly what Harry was asking for and told that a bike of that describtion could be picked up at his house.And what a vehicle:an original Hamlet from 1952 with only one owner before Ivan.It just needed a little air in the tires and then it was ready.
Under the wings of a Copenhagen angel,Mrs Bullitt,Pierce rode his Hamlet for 6 hours around the beautiful town.Even James Bond had to surrender to the bikes when he was copenhagenized.

22 June 2011



It seems like the Danish National Bank was running out of ideas when they made the new thousand kroner bill.Or maybe they just play safe and do like the successful duo Larry and Harry?

20 June 2011

Viking power

A great idol of Larry and Harry is Andreas.You might remember him from last year when he did the swedish classic race,Vättern Rundt.Riding his fixed Bullitt wasn´t a real good idea considered the hilly route and the equipment he had to carry for a web-cameraman.So this year he did it again but on a derailleur-geared Bullitt instead.His only comment after 300 tuff kilometers:"It wasn´t that bad!"That language is called viking!

8 June 2011


Does this bike look familiar to you?

9 April 2011

Yellow kangaroos

Check out these sunny saddles from the Busyman in Melbourne,Australia.

3 April 2011

Samurai Messenger Service: Time to Start Practicing

Samurai Messenger Service: Time to Start Practicing: "...because this is certainly going to be the next major trend in cycling. TCB BULLITT CARGO SURFING from Storts on Vimeo."

3 March 2011

Bullitts Over Libya

Supporting Libya
A Bullitt at a pro-Libya/anti-Ghaddafi protest on Copenhagen's City Hall Square.

1 March 2011

Bullitt comic

From the land of comics,Belgium,Larry and Harry have received this educational comic strip.Please note that the clever guy is the guy riding a Bullitt.

3 February 2011

From a time when a man was a man

While in Las Vegas, Nevada, to watch Dick Tiger fight a middleweight title fight, Knievel first saw the fountains at Caesar's Palace and decided to jump them. To get an audience with the casino's CEO Jay Sarno, Knievel created a fictitious corporation called Evel Knievel Enterprises and three fictitious lawyers to make phone calls to Sarno. Knievel also placed phone calls to Sarno claiming to be from ABC-TV and Sports Illustrated inquiring about the jump. Sarno finally agreed to meet Knievel and the deal was set for Knievel to jump the fountains on December 31, 1967. After the deal was set, Knievel tried to get ABC to air the event live on Wide World of Sports. ABC declined, but said that if Knievel had the jump filmed and it was as spectacular as he said it would be, they would consider using it later.

Knievel used his own money to have actor/director John Derek produce a film of the Caesar's jump. To keep costs low, Derek used his then-wife, Linda Evans, as one of the camera operators. It was Evans who filmed Knievel's famous landing. On the morning of the jump, Knievel stopped in the casino and placed a single $100 dollar bet on the blackjack table, which he lost, stopped by the bar and got a shot of Wild Turkey and then headed outside where he was joined by several members of the Caesar's staff, as well as two scantily clad showgirls. After doing his normal pre-jump show and a few warm up approaches, Knievel began his real approach. When he hit the takeoff ramp, he felt the motorcycle unexpectedly decelerate. The sudden loss of power on the takeoff caused Knievel to come up short and land on the safety ramp which was supported by a van. This caused the handlebars to be ripped out of his hands as he tumbled over them onto the pavement where he skidded into the Dunes parking lot. As a result of the crash, Knievel received a crushed pelvis and femur, fractures to his hip, wrist and both ankles and a concussion that kept him in a coma for 29 days.

1 February 2011

Sunny Side Up

Where other bike brands are scrambled, poached, hard-boiled or riddled with salmonella... it's always sunny side up at Larry vs Harry.

26 January 2011

Winter time version 2.0

This morning it was snowing againThis is not satisfying;the danish politicians actually promised global warming.
Fortunately the copenhageners don´t give a damn about a little snow.

What´s wrong with the automobile industry?

Lately there have been a lot of talk concerning the automobile industry trying to benefit from bicycles. Bikes are being used in car commercials and bikes are being produced by the producers of cars. These bikes are usually just funny - not bad but not great either, just funny.
Today this blue mountain bike showed up in a bike rack close to the shop of Larry and Harry. Apparently produced by an iconic producer of cars. Even highly-praised models. So why did Ford make this blue pile of iron shit? Will this actually help sell more Fords?
Is a Ford a good automobile? No idea.But we have to warn you; do not buy a bike from Ford (unless it´s a gift for somebody you hate)!

24 January 2011


As told,we would like to celebrate in this blog rather than remember.Today we celebrate Aaron Nevilles 70 years birthday.Lean back for a moment and enjoy his great version of "Tell it like it is".

21 January 2011

Ray Charles - In The Evening

Larry and Harry wishes you all a nice evening.

20 January 2011

Atlantic Bullitts

A good friend of Larry and Harry,the legendary german immigrant Steff,got an offer he couldn´t refuse.After selling Bullitts out of his apartment for a couple of years he was offered a shop.And what a shop!Facing the Atlantic Ocean or to be more precise:last shop before New York.
So if you go to Porto don´t forget to visit Steffs shop.He also makes a great coffee!

18 January 2011

The 90 years anniversery

Today is a great day for all danes,a day to celebrate.The Pølsevogn turns 90 today!
The pølsevogn (sausage wagon) is the place were you can go and buy classics as the hotdog,the to ristede med brød and the poor mans favorite:the krasser.Though the pizzas and shawarmas are pushing the pølsevogn it is still alive.Every morning and every evening you see them blocking the car traffic (just like the Christiania trikes are blcking the bike lanes).
Larry and Harry congratulates this danish classic.