28 June 2010

The real revenge of the Bullitt

What is it with Larry and Harry?Like children at christmas,they are walking around smiling and laughing of nothing.OK,they have a reason to smile;they have a reason to be happy.
This weekend they were arranging the danish cargo championship,the Svajerløb.Like last year,a beautiful spot in Copenhagen were closed,in order to let a bunch of kids race their racebikes and a group of grownup kids race their cargobikes.And like last year it was a festival of bikes,beers,hotdogs and sunshine.Not least,Bullitts took all medals,both in the 2-wheel race,the overall cargorace and the relay.
Now you know why the two dudes are smiling!

20 June 2010

The victory of the last viking

Yesterday our hero,Andreas,showed his dedication to the Bullitt.He raced over 300 kilometers on a fixed-gear Bullitt,packed with camera equipment.Though this bike rides like a dream,it is a thing that can only be done by the strongest persons in the world!
At the finish line he called us and asked:"Can I become an official Bullitt dealer now?".Yes,Andreas,we would be pleased to have you as a premium ambassador!You´ll find his informations at the Larry vs Harry-website.

9 June 2010

They are crazy,those vikings

Last year our good friend Andreas from Stockholm participated in the European Messenger Championships on a Bullitt.In the cargorace he became 4.th.Really amazing considered he was riding a fixed Bullitt!
This year he didn´t go for the championships and we thought he had become lazy and weak.Don´t underestimate the vikings;he has just been preparing for the swedish classic Vattern Rundt,a bicycle race of no less than 300 kilometers.
Larry & Harry wish you a nice ride,Andreas.No viking has challenged himself like this since Erik the Red sailed to Greenland.

1 June 2010

Goodbye to cool

Another true hero has left the earth!An artist so cool and uncompromising.
Dennis,Larry and Harry salutes you!