19 December 2010

French snow fighting

Today there was a mail from our good friend,G.He´s working as a Bullitt messenger in Paris and like every other city in Europe they have had some snow lately.Well,not exactly like Copenhagen,just a few centimeters.Never the less this powerful nation has been given 16 of these vehicles to the city of Paris in order to get rid of the snow in the streets.
Larry and Harry chose not to comment on this;they just quote G when he asks:"Next time nuclear weapon?".

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  1. Paris was a mess with last week snow, because of car drivers getting in their car as soon as it started snowing, in order to "get home before it gets slippy". As a result, cars where everywhere and snow removing vehicles were unable to get through the traffic, which leads to impressive traffic jams.
    These armored vehicles (which are stationned in some caserns in Paris all year long and used mainly for riot control or to patrol the surrounding of airports) are used to tow cars or trucks out of the way, because "regular" emergency services vehicles can't. 16 of these won't be enough against thousands of cars who'd better stay home or have minimal snow equipment.
    Here (roughly 100kms south of Paris) we had 25cms of snow (it's kind of unusual) and no APC (and no TV reporter), and just walked to work.
    I think it's just something TV and medias like to say "the army is ready for the snow, with (40 years old) armored vehicles", people feel safer on the road.
    (pardon my english)