26 December 2010

Elvis Presley - See See Rider

It has been claimed that the most important person of the 20.th century was Elvis.A lot of people would disagree.Larry and Harry don´t care;they are just crazy about Elvis!
In this beautiful video you see Elvis in one of his last performances.Though fat and unhealthy he is giving one hell of a show.Please note the army of men in red helping the King.

24 December 2010


Now it´s christmas and finally we can open up our christmas presents.We know that you,dear readers,have been very excited about the huge christmas present we showed earlier in this post.What was it inside the brown wrapping?There has been a lot of good guesses.The closest were the ones who thought that it was a Bullitt.But the masters of bikebuilding,Larry and Harry,are also the masters of wrapping.
Inside the present were a handbuilded art-trike!!
Ho ho ho;merry christmas everybody from Santa Harry and Santa Larry.

22 December 2010

Sony Music Disappointment

In the recent newsletter from Larry and Harry they wanted to share a fantastic christmas song with their friends.It was a fantastic video of their mate,Elvis Presley,performing "Blue Christmas" live.
Today our two Santas have received loads of mails from german friends,complaining that they haven´t been able to see the video in Germany.Hey Sony Music;what kind of a christmas spirit is this??

21 December 2010

Happy birthday

70 years ago a truly great poet,songwriter,guitarplayer and thinker was born.Today we therefor celebrate him;a man who was not afraid of anything.
Frank,Larry and Harry still miss you!

19 December 2010

Snow over Copenhagen

French snow fighting

Today there was a mail from our good friend,G.He´s working as a Bullitt messenger in Paris and like every other city in Europe they have had some snow lately.Well,not exactly like Copenhagen,just a few centimeters.Never the less this powerful nation has been given 16 of these vehicles to the city of Paris in order to get rid of the snow in the streets.
Larry and Harry chose not to comment on this;they just quote G when he asks:"Next time nuclear weapon?".

Review from a customers wife

The following is a mail that Larry and Harry received some days ago:

"I lost my husband to cycling some time ago, if not to beach road then to a rail trail, a ride up Mt.Bulla or a trip to Lysterfield Park. Our shed is filled with the guilty other parties (all necessities, or so I am told), there's the old mountain bike, the red road bike and the single speed commuter. It was with no shame, recently, that my husband told me he'd "found another ride that we really seriously needed to buy", only later confessing that the afore mentioned ride, the Bullitt Milk Plus Cargo bike, was in fact already on order!

He was about as happy as a kid in a toy store when the DHL guy arrived with the bike. He hummed his way through the construction video and, once the box of parts had become 'the Milk Plus', he took her out for her maiden voyage, returned with her first cargo (a beer or two) and fondly declared her 'open for business'. And that is about the last I have seen of him and our daughter..

I hear our daughter though, in fact she can be heard about two blocks away, and there's a notable theme to her chatter: "this is the most fuuuuuun", "around again, around again" at the roundabout, and my husbands least favourite "go faster Daddy, faster, faster".

I've found the silver lining to this cloud as, with them out exploring, I can grab a coffee and drink it while it's still hot and hang out with our younger tot a little. But only a little as he's getting his first bike helmet this Christmas and, with a seat installed, will soon be out on the road with the others.

In all seriousness, the bike is fantastic. It looks slick, rides like a dream and entertains our children beyond measure. Importantly, it negates our need for a second car and, in fact, vastly reduces the number of local journeys made in our only car. Perhaps an unexpected pro, though the bike gets noticed and though it draws a point, stare and occasional wave, it does generally speaking start conversations with a really nice sort of person!

So I celebrate this new bike, our second car, our small white beaut-Ute, the best toy that either kid (or their dad) could have been given this year. As the mountain bike gathers dust, and the shine dims on the road bike, the 'Milky Wonder' has found a place in my heart."

Thank´s,Hannah.There´s always a job waiting for you in the adverts-department of Larry vs Harry!

9 December 2010


How could we forget?Yesterday it was 30 years ago since an asshole shot John Lennon.
John,where ever you are,Larry and Harry sends you a lot of rockn´roll greetings.

2 December 2010


It looks like the cold weather is permanent now.Usually the snow in Copenhagen melts after a few days,especially the snow that falls in November.But despite the promise of global warming the town is still cold,damn cold!
No problem,spring will come in the end of April...