13 September 2010

What´s wrong with Larry and Harry??

OK,the fair is over,the last chapter was written a week ago.We know how it ended;Larry and Harry had a successful fair,sold a lot of Bullitts and showed the bike industry how to build bikes and how to behave.Over and out,the world is now a better place for you and me and our children and grandchildren.The visionary crusaders of the bikeindustry,Sir Larry and Sir Harry,left Germany in a cloud of dignity an honor...
Actually,the idiots got lost in the forrest again,trying to walk to the airport with their suitcases.Sweaty and muddy they barely reached the airplane.
Great guys,so pleased you survived Germany!

1 comment:

  1. So, where is the picture of your new "budcykel"?
    Dying to see it...