3 September 2010

What´s wrong with Larry and harry

Not wearing company shirts makes Larry and Harry look really strange at the Eurobike fair. A black or dark-blue shirt with 'Bullitt' written on the collar would make them look like real bike dealers.
And then again they are way too childish and stupid to manage wearing that nice clothes. Take last night; a great party was held by the Eurobike organization. They had hired the Berlin act, The Bearpit Karaoke, to come and give a show. Of course Larry and Harry felt they should join the party and of course it would be polite to sing a tune or two.

Today neither Larry or Harry have any voice left from singing over twenty songs. Both had an accident with their Bullitt afterwards and ruined their exhibition-pants. Larry also bruised a rib and Harry has an aching head from hitting himself with the microphone while performing his version of "My generation".

Hope I die before I get old...

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