3 September 2010

What´s wrong with the bike industry?

Being at the world's largest bike fair means that you are together with the global bike industry. A mix of businessmen who have entered this world because of their dedication to bicycles and biking. Right! Every morning and every evening the surroundings of the fairground is crowded with cars. Everyone is stuck in traffic, even though this is the countryside. Well, our good friends Larry and Harry will not have to wait in line, 'cause they use their Bullitts for transportation. 10 minuttes ride from the hotel, if you are bikeriding. By car it will take an hour!
This industry doesn´t give a shit if they are producing bikes, boats or bananas; as long as it´s good business. Maybe that´s why this fair is a twisted bitch with a minimum of good and new ideas.
Go grow bananas, boys!