6 September 2010

It all comes to an end

After a busy week,the fair has finally come to an end.No more Bullitt testrides,no more explaining the steering system and no more "so good to see you"`s.It´s over!
What was a spotless exhibition two days ago is now a refugee camp lookalike.Finally nobody officially gives a shit about bicycles.

A lot of bikes have been sold the last week,of them a huge amount of Bullitts.Pilgrims from all over the world have gathered at the Larry vs Harry booth in order to get a glimpse of the famous cargobike.And of course to shake hands with the superstars from Copenhagen!Though rich and successful,neither Larry nor Harry denies to give an autograph or a kiss on the cheek.Damn great guys!

Waiting for their Learjet to get a landing permission,Larry and Harry have established a mobile working station,so they still can communicate with the world.From this temporary headquarter they wish you,dear reader,a nice a sunny day!
Roger,over and out.

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