12 September 2010

Bullitt vs Pyssy Wagon

A good friend of Larry and Harry,the world famous blogger Mikael Coolville Andersen,recently did a poster showing a Ferrari and a Bullitt.The Ferrari was "so last year" while the Bullitt was "so this year".Now all bike critics,of which there are many,will say:bullshit!

Well,a Ferrari for urban use,can only be purchased for one reason,namely to impress girls.Considered that fact,here is a part of an email Harry received today.A happy Bullitt owner wants to describe the impact of riding his vehicle:"Also,don´t tell my wife,but this bike complete with dog accessory,is a total "Babe Pulling Machine!!!"My partner recently bought an Aston Martin,his dream!He is 60 and finally gets his dream machine.I spoil his day,by telling him it´s shit,I have the ultimate babe machine,,,a Bullitt TNT and a dog!!Hyde Park on a sunny day,,,wooo,non stop photographing by tourists".

These are facts we like:a couple of drops of oil for the bike and a meatball for the dog instead of a tank of burned gasoline will help save the world from a lot of CO2.And,now officially proved,make girls go wild!
So all you british babes;if you are looking for the man of your dreams,it´s Hyde Park!

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