22 September 2010

When cool was cool

Today a lot of rock bands act like they are some real cool dudes.Make videos and recordcovers where they look super tuff in leather and falls teeth.Please,take a look at this video from the 70´s;it´s a rock band who didn´t gave a damn about any rules.They dressed and acted like idiots but in the cocktail with rock´n roll,well,they were cool!

13 September 2010

What´s wrong with Larry and Harry??

OK,the fair is over,the last chapter was written a week ago.We know how it ended;Larry and Harry had a successful fair,sold a lot of Bullitts and showed the bike industry how to build bikes and how to behave.Over and out,the world is now a better place for you and me and our children and grandchildren.The visionary crusaders of the bikeindustry,Sir Larry and Sir Harry,left Germany in a cloud of dignity an honor...
Actually,the idiots got lost in the forrest again,trying to walk to the airport with their suitcases.Sweaty and muddy they barely reached the airplane.
Great guys,so pleased you survived Germany!

12 September 2010

Bullitt vs Pyssy Wagon

A good friend of Larry and Harry,the world famous blogger Mikael Coolville Andersen,recently did a poster showing a Ferrari and a Bullitt.The Ferrari was "so last year" while the Bullitt was "so this year".Now all bike critics,of which there are many,will say:bullshit!

Well,a Ferrari for urban use,can only be purchased for one reason,namely to impress girls.Considered that fact,here is a part of an email Harry received today.A happy Bullitt owner wants to describe the impact of riding his vehicle:"Also,don´t tell my wife,but this bike complete with dog accessory,is a total "Babe Pulling Machine!!!"My partner recently bought an Aston Martin,his dream!He is 60 and finally gets his dream machine.I spoil his day,by telling him it´s shit,I have the ultimate babe machine,,,a Bullitt TNT and a dog!!Hyde Park on a sunny day,,,wooo,non stop photographing by tourists".

These are facts we like:a couple of drops of oil for the bike and a meatball for the dog instead of a tank of burned gasoline will help save the world from a lot of CO2.And,now officially proved,make girls go wild!
So all you british babes;if you are looking for the man of your dreams,it´s Hyde Park!

10 September 2010

Fuckr... uh... Flickr

Larry and Harry have loads of kinky photos and they needed a place to put them. So we've made a Flickr group.

Join up and chuck all your photos of Bullitt goodness into the group. We call it the Bullitt Smithsonian.

Larry and Harry on Fluckr.

6 September 2010

It all comes to an end

After a busy week,the fair has finally come to an end.No more Bullitt testrides,no more explaining the steering system and no more "so good to see you"`s.It´s over!
What was a spotless exhibition two days ago is now a refugee camp lookalike.Finally nobody officially gives a shit about bicycles.

A lot of bikes have been sold the last week,of them a huge amount of Bullitts.Pilgrims from all over the world have gathered at the Larry vs Harry booth in order to get a glimpse of the famous cargobike.And of course to shake hands with the superstars from Copenhagen!Though rich and successful,neither Larry nor Harry denies to give an autograph or a kiss on the cheek.Damn great guys!

Waiting for their Learjet to get a landing permission,Larry and Harry have established a mobile working station,so they still can communicate with the world.From this temporary headquarter they wish you,dear reader,a nice a sunny day!
Roger,over and out.

3 September 2010

Star quality

OK,maybe we haven´t been fair to the fair.Though there is a common look and attitude among the crowd at Eurobike,there are persons that´s cool and stylish.
Take a look at some of the best friends of Larry and Harry.

What´s wrong with Larry and harry

Not wearing company shirts makes Larry and Harry look really strange at the Eurobike fair. A black or dark-blue shirt with 'Bullitt' written on the collar would make them look like real bike dealers.
And then again they are way too childish and stupid to manage wearing that nice clothes. Take last night; a great party was held by the Eurobike organization. They had hired the Berlin act, The Bearpit Karaoke, to come and give a show. Of course Larry and Harry felt they should join the party and of course it would be polite to sing a tune or two.

Today neither Larry or Harry have any voice left from singing over twenty songs. Both had an accident with their Bullitt afterwards and ruined their exhibition-pants. Larry also bruised a rib and Harry has an aching head from hitting himself with the microphone while performing his version of "My generation".

Hope I die before I get old...

What´s wrong with the bike industry?

Being at the world's largest bike fair means that you are together with the global bike industry. A mix of businessmen who have entered this world because of their dedication to bicycles and biking. Right! Every morning and every evening the surroundings of the fairground is crowded with cars. Everyone is stuck in traffic, even though this is the countryside. Well, our good friends Larry and Harry will not have to wait in line, 'cause they use their Bullitts for transportation. 10 minuttes ride from the hotel, if you are bikeriding. By car it will take an hour!
This industry doesn´t give a shit if they are producing bikes, boats or bananas; as long as it´s good business. Maybe that´s why this fair is a twisted bitch with a minimum of good and new ideas.
Go grow bananas, boys!