30 August 2010

He´s not a crook!

Larry and Harry has landed in Friedrichshafen!
One hour later they got lost in the forrest while trying to find their hotel.This Bavarian jungle really tried to swallow the brave danes.Well dressed (of course) on their Bullitts (of course) with a couple of very heavy suitcases they struggled through the muddy wilderness,totally lost.Poisoned leaves,mosquitoes and extremely muddy paths;lucky to be alive!
Two hours later they were watching TV and drinking german beers;life is tuff but great!


  1. Mr. Bullitt himself, giving head, ahem sorry HOOK: http://www.facebook.com/v/1517663577663

  2. The Heart of Darkness has nothing on you guys. The death-defying drama, the close escapes . . . to think what could have happened to you deep in the Bavarian wilderness . . . just imagine "Deliverance" with German accents . . .

  3. Yes,it was very scary!And we didn´t have Burt Reynolds to protect us.