31 August 2010

Fignon 1960-2010

Damn it;there went another one of the true heroes!Way too young to leave this planet and way to tuff to die,the great french bikerider,Laurent Fignon,died yesterday.
In a world where we have so many Jörg Haiders to give to The Reaper,why does he then have to take the good guys??

Laurent;Larry and Harry salute you!


As formerly explained,going to a fair is lots of action and fun.Take a bikefair;you build the booth,you assemble the bikes,you polish them,you talk to customers and you sleep.Great fun.
Oh,and then you eat!Every time you get the chance you eat;small meals,big dishes,snacks,candy,icecream etc.
The need for food is as simple as the need for sex but all you can get here is food.

30 August 2010

He´s not a crook!

Larry and Harry has landed in Friedrichshafen!
One hour later they got lost in the forrest while trying to find their hotel.This Bavarian jungle really tried to swallow the brave danes.Well dressed (of course) on their Bullitts (of course) with a couple of very heavy suitcases they struggled through the muddy wilderness,totally lost.Poisoned leaves,mosquitoes and extremely muddy paths;lucky to be alive!
Two hours later they were watching TV and drinking german beers;life is tuff but great!

On tour

28 August 2010

Larry and Harry on Tour 2010

Now it´s time again!
Apparently Larry and Harry didn´t learn from history.This year they will challenge each other again and go together to the southern Germany to try to sell some Bullitts.It´s a lot like Joseph Conrad going into Congo.
Well,it´s only Bavaria but it´s scary shit....

26 August 2010

Larry, Harry and Facebook

If you're wondering where Larry & Harry are on Facebook, you might be confused. There's a few groups.

But here is the new and official Facebook group. Join it. you can check in, but you can never leave.

23 August 2010

Do you feel lucky,punk?

During the Velovisipn conference in Copenhagen a few months ago there was a goldsprint competition arranged by the magnificent Danish Bicycle Federation.All bikeshops and bikeproducers in Copenhagen were asked to donate gifts to the competition.
Larry and Harry of course wanted to show their generosity.Also they wanted to please fans,who had travelled to Copenhagen in order to see or even meet these two celebs.Therefor they decided to donate some distinguish piece of art.
As you can see on the photo,love and happiness were spread to the winners,who won the two copies of the tight and famous butts of Larry and Harry.
Congrats,you lucky winners!

20 August 2010

Toronto Bites Our Bullitt

Thanks to Kate for this photo from Toronto!

"Good tidings from Toronto. I just thought I would send you a photo of this sexy red Bullitt parked in Canada's only Bicycle Station! It is a frequent parker here, can't wait until we see more of its kind!"

14 August 2010

Pink and famous

Hey,Larry and Harry had a Bullitt displayed at a museum in Tokyo.Of all Bullitts available it had to be the pink!
Thank´s Japan,for only accepting the most crazy stuff.

13 August 2010

So This Century...

So This Century
Chariot of fire for the new millenium.

7 August 2010

Shocking news!

After knowing Mikael from Copenhagenize for a couple of years,we thought that we knew all his secrets.Now we realize that we were wrong.A norwegian friend of Larry and Harry,who wants to be anonymous,mailed us this link.It´s from a cover of a danish magazine and tells the story about Mikaels secret habits.
Do I have to say we are shocked!?