31 July 2010


After more than 2 years of hard work,Larry and Harry yesterday realized,that there is something to celebrate:they now have 50 dealers over the world!And number 50 was from a new continent,South America.To be more precise it was Claudio from Santiago in Chile,who decided that he wants to give the Bullitt a chance over there.
So not only did Larry and Harry get dealer number 50;they got a new friend.
It´s surely time to celebrate!

16 July 2010

Team Bullitt 2010

Larry and Harry are the representatives of an organization,based on humanity and free thinking.Again and again they have been fighting for the free spirit and mind of mankind.And where is this shown better than in the constellation of this years Team Bullitt,the successful silver medalists from the Svajerløbet.A mix of race,religion,age and sex (yes,one of the handsome fellas is actually a woman!).
Can´t wait to see who will ride next year!?

4 July 2010

Bullitt Cycling Team

For a long time Larry and Harry have had a dream:building up a cycling team,who goes out training every sunday.On Bullitts,of course!So,today the dream became a reality.The danish champion,Claus,and Harry,went out for a ride in the hilly North Sealand.It was supposed to be a relaxed sunday ride and they even brought a Klara Geist hifi to cheer up the ride.
Well,boys will be boys and Claus and Harry continued the discussion wether it was Claus or Harry who pushed the other one in the cargorace final a week ago.While the discussion increased so did the speed and after 2 hours they had fulfilled their dream of riding 60 kilometers.In Copenhagen there is a tradition of ending up at the cafe called Around the World after training.If you don´t get a kick out of the training you will get a kick out of the cake and and icy coke they serve here!

In the future Larry and Harry will make a real Bullitt Cycling Team,inviting all Bullitt owners to join us.The speed will be moderate,there will be music during training and in the end:cake and icecold coke!