30 May 2010

Svajerløbet 2010

Hey there,all of you cargobike riders;prepare yourself for this years danish cargobike championships!
On the 26.th of June in the center of Copenhagen we will race all kind of cargobikes.This is the opportunity to participate in a wild adrenalin-pumping race open for everybody no matter sex or haircolor.
See you in Cargohagen!

Budapest,Bullitts and Beers

The annual european championship for the messengers took place in Budapest this year.Larry and Harry were there to race there Bullitts in the cargo race.On a crazy track,with more holes than road,the stability and strength of the Bullitts were challenged.The result:5 Bullitts on the first 5 places!
On the photos you see the riders,before and after the race.

15 May 2010

Fuck you,Henry Ford!

Larry and Harry are a pair of calm and disciplined gentleman;nice manners,descent language,wash their hands after visiting the toilet etc.But sometimes they feel a need to kick dogs and shout at elderly women!
This feeling came to them a couple of days ago,when they heard the story of what happened to a good customer and friend of them.Jonathan from New York,the guy who flew to Copenhagen last summer,just to buy a Bullitt,was hit by a car back home a couple of weeks ago.This stupid 4-wheeled monster broke his hip into 3 pieces!

Jonathan;get well soon!

Heroin Lullaby

Take a listen to this;so smooth and beautiful.
When was the last time pain sounded so good?

Larry and Harry wishes you a great weekend.