27 January 2010

Crazy stuff

We meet Marcus a couple of years ago.He had a BMX bike shop in Germany,and like a lot of guys in the bicycle business he had a lot of wild and strange ideas.One of his specialities was to to convert cargobikes into fast e-bikes.Realy fast e-bikes.When you pass 50 km/h on a cargobike,it´s a bad idea to hit a hole or a rock.But if you have a suspension fork,it´s no problem.And if you make it a full suspension 500 watt e-Bullitt you can go racing off road.
So that´s what this german actually did;enjoy the photos.
Way to go,Marcus!


  1. Marcus must contact me! We should have babies together! http://www.lisbonize.com/2009/11/bionx/

  2. Marcus- Are you producing these? If so, I would be interested as a customer. zookeeper@thelocalbar.com