13 December 2009


Larry and Harry had an extra beer this weekend,celebrating their first frontcover.

The Pink Performer

What do you give to the man who has everything?
According to Larry and Harry the answer is:a hifi stereo from Klara Geist!

A couple of weeks ago Fanny and Willi from Klara Geist in Berlin,delivered this wondermachine in the Bullitt shop in Copenhagen.Knowing that they had ordered a stereo,customized for a Bullitt,our two friends were mute when they saw and heard The Pink Performer.Sounding like a sweet rockn´roll dream and looking like an accessory from Gay Pride,the Performer is a machine never seen or heard before!Made for wireless entertainment for 500 people,this is the ultimate partymachine.

Drop by the shop for a soundtest or listen up;it might turn up in a street near you....