4 November 2009

Transportation in 2009

When you establish a company,you will usually do the following 3 things:
1.Get a VAT-number
2.Rent a shop,a workshop or an office.
3.Buy a car or a van.
Larry and Harry have a shop and a workshop and they have also achieved a VAT-number.But as a producer of cargobikes,they felt it was like cheating,also to have a van.A van is a helpful friend in alot of situations but it is also a polluting,expensive,old-fashioned and stupid way to transport your butt from A to B!The main purpose of the Bullitt,is actually to offer a real alternative to this fuel-burning madness.

So,how does it actually work,when bikes has to be transported,from the workshop to the shop or from the shop to the customer?
This paparazzi shot of Harry,shows how it is being done.He is actually riding 4 Bullitts:A Bluebird between his legs,a Chuck as a handhorse and 2 disassembled Clockworks in a cartonbox on a trailer.
No,rethink transportation;cars are just so much last year!

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