2 November 2009

In the garage

A very popular part of the MTV-program,where the stars are showing their cribs,is when they open up their garages.Isn´t it great to see all these expensive rarities,that only a true specialist and multi-millionaire could keep?To see the racingdrivers own choice?
Today Larry and Harry opens up their garages,to show the choices of two specialist.Now it´s time to let the world know,what these two guys really want to ride.

First we pay a visit to Harry´s garage,a warm,dry and cosy place;the perfect place for a great collection of bicycles.Here you will find a ´76 Bianchi racingbike,a XTR-equipped Klein mountainbike,a Christianiabike with trailer,a ´52 Long John,a handbuilded Dawes tandem and 2 rickshaws.Or more precisely;you would find,because two years ago a bunch of burglars emptied the garage!Fortunately he has been given a Bullitt Bluebird´71,so he is happy!

Larry has been the owner of many beautiful bikes too,somehow he just seems to forget where he parks his bikes.When Harry got his Bluebird,Larry was given a Clockwork.Two lucky guys!
Lately the stock has become a little low,and when a customer wanted a Clockwork and didn´t matter a few scratches,Harry sold him Larry´s Clockwork.
Now Larry is the happy rider of all kind of rental bikes!

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