27 November 2009

Bullitt vs Porsche

What do Larry and Harry have in common with Steve McQueen?
-Bullitt is the name of their first cargobike,Harrys middlename and the name of Steve in the movie "Bullitt".
-the fascination of vehicles.
-the fascination of racing these vehicles.
So when a german friend told,that he knew where a racingcar,once owned by Mr McQueen,was,they didn´t hesitate to contact the new owner.It happened to be an engineer from Bavaria,who owns and still races the car.He kindly offered the guys to take some photos of the Bullitt and his car together.What a nice guy!

So far,only a few photos have come out from the photographer,but please enjoy this:The Bullitt ® Milk Plus and the Porsche 908 in which Steve McQueen became second in the 1970 Sebring Race.