27 November 2009

Bullitt vs Porsche

What do Larry and Harry have in common with Steve McQueen?
-Bullitt is the name of their first cargobike,Harrys middlename and the name of Steve in the movie "Bullitt".
-the fascination of vehicles.
-the fascination of racing these vehicles.
So when a german friend told,that he knew where a racingcar,once owned by Mr McQueen,was,they didn´t hesitate to contact the new owner.It happened to be an engineer from Bavaria,who owns and still races the car.He kindly offered the guys to take some photos of the Bullitt and his car together.What a nice guy!

So far,only a few photos have come out from the photographer,but please enjoy this:The Bullitt ® Milk Plus and the Porsche 908 in which Steve McQueen became second in the 1970 Sebring Race.

14 November 2009

The way to success according to Larry and Harry

Lately we have been writing about breaking the rules,in order to obtain a successful life.It is true,that rules are made to be broken,but there are some main headlines,that you cannot change.
This picture clearly shows,that even the anarchists rock´n rollers of The Who knew,that without a great hair-do,no success!

12 November 2009

Kjeldby 2.0

A couple of weeks ago,we mentioned a guy,Kjeldby,who had done a 15000 kilometer,riding on a Bullitt Classic as a messenger.
Last thursday he popped by the shop in Copenhagen,just to buy himself a brand new Bluebird´71 Ext.He and his friend had decided to open up there own window cleaning company.As an experienced urban bikerider,he knew,that the fatsest way to get around inside the city,even if you have to carry some stuff,is on a Bullitt!
It pleases Larry and Harry to see,that a couple of youngsters don´t let themself fool by the common idea of ideal transportation.
By choosing the same way of transportation as their grandfathers,these blokes show themself as a visionary and modern company.

4 November 2009

Transportation in 2009

When you establish a company,you will usually do the following 3 things:
1.Get a VAT-number
2.Rent a shop,a workshop or an office.
3.Buy a car or a van.
Larry and Harry have a shop and a workshop and they have also achieved a VAT-number.But as a producer of cargobikes,they felt it was like cheating,also to have a van.A van is a helpful friend in alot of situations but it is also a polluting,expensive,old-fashioned and stupid way to transport your butt from A to B!The main purpose of the Bullitt,is actually to offer a real alternative to this fuel-burning madness.

So,how does it actually work,when bikes has to be transported,from the workshop to the shop or from the shop to the customer?
This paparazzi shot of Harry,shows how it is being done.He is actually riding 4 Bullitts:A Bluebird between his legs,a Chuck as a handhorse and 2 disassembled Clockworks in a cartonbox on a trailer.
No,rethink transportation;cars are just so much last year!

2 November 2009

The remains of the garage

In the garage

A very popular part of the MTV-program,where the stars are showing their cribs,is when they open up their garages.Isn´t it great to see all these expensive rarities,that only a true specialist and multi-millionaire could keep?To see the racingdrivers own choice?
Today Larry and Harry opens up their garages,to show the choices of two specialist.Now it´s time to let the world know,what these two guys really want to ride.

First we pay a visit to Harry´s garage,a warm,dry and cosy place;the perfect place for a great collection of bicycles.Here you will find a ´76 Bianchi racingbike,a XTR-equipped Klein mountainbike,a Christianiabike with trailer,a ´52 Long John,a handbuilded Dawes tandem and 2 rickshaws.Or more precisely;you would find,because two years ago a bunch of burglars emptied the garage!Fortunately he has been given a Bullitt Bluebird´71,so he is happy!

Larry has been the owner of many beautiful bikes too,somehow he just seems to forget where he parks his bikes.When Harry got his Bluebird,Larry was given a Clockwork.Two lucky guys!
Lately the stock has become a little low,and when a customer wanted a Clockwork and didn´t matter a few scratches,Harry sold him Larry´s Clockwork.
Now Larry is the happy rider of all kind of rental bikes!