7 October 2009

Larry and Harry on Tour Part 2

For those of our faithful readers,who have been waiting anxiously to see if Larry and Harry actually made it out of Berlin,we now bring Part 2 of the Tour de Eurobike.
Waking up at the bottom of a beercan,our two brave boys jumped into their van,and headed for the south.What seems to be an eternity later,they arrived their hotel;a bavarian wet dream in the middle of an apple plantation.
Life couldn´t be more different from the Berlin madness they had been a part of.
Meeting up with the Terminator of Porto,Steff,they now started living the countrylife.Bikeassembling and picnics became the new life.So then it happened as a symbol of harmony and beauty:Larry changed his urban dancingshoes into sandals....


  1. They are eating MY food probably on YOUR box! I will post some spy picture from a different angel to show, how it REALLY was..
    - Terminator from Porto -