16 October 2009

Harry 1 - Cycle Chic 0

Bullitt Heels
It ain't always only the serious business of high heels and cool cargo bikes for Cycle Chic and Larry vs Harry.

Sometimes it's just necessary to meet up and eat good burgers, drink good beer/cider and play some [not very] serious pool on Copenhagen evenings.

It was Cycle Chic vs Harry last night in a thrilling best of nine pool championship.
It went right to the wire with Harry pulling off the impossible and winning 5-4.

The prize was provided by Kelly, a Bullitt customer in New York, and since Mikael from Cycle Chic doesn't have a dog and Harry has Skipper the Cargo Bike King, maybe the right man won. [or maybe that's why Mikael... um... let him win...]

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations from Dublin!

    You also now need to put the world champion stripes on all your frames not just the milk plus!