25 October 2009


The bestselling Bullitt-model ever:The Clockwork!


This guy,Kjeldby,was the first messenger to ride the Bullitt.As a part of the transport company Bring,he was riding the Bullitt,no matter rain or snow.If you could talk about a testpilot when it comes to bikes,Kjeldby was the man.He maintained the bike in order to make it run every day for 8 months.
When he stopped as a messenger,the Bullitt had a history of 15000 Copenhagen kilometers.

16 October 2009

Harry 1 - Cycle Chic 0

Bullitt Heels
It ain't always only the serious business of high heels and cool cargo bikes for Cycle Chic and Larry vs Harry.

Sometimes it's just necessary to meet up and eat good burgers, drink good beer/cider and play some [not very] serious pool on Copenhagen evenings.

It was Cycle Chic vs Harry last night in a thrilling best of nine pool championship.
It went right to the wire with Harry pulling off the impossible and winning 5-4.

The prize was provided by Kelly, a Bullitt customer in New York, and since Mikael from Cycle Chic doesn't have a dog and Harry has Skipper the Cargo Bike King, maybe the right man won. [or maybe that's why Mikael... um... let him win...]

10 October 2009

Larry and Harry on Tour Part 3

Some of our readers have claimed,that the pilgrimage to the Eurobike fair,was just a bad excuse for partying and drinking beers.This is absolutely not true!
Our two brave heroes did make it to the fair and they made a great exhibition with the Bullitt bikes.At the picture below you can see Harry working at his computer.After so many hours under the bright lights of their booth,he is forced to wear sunglasses during this hard work.
After a day of hard work,the men of honor rewarded themselves with a big mouthful of fresh bavarian air and a little sunshine for their pale skin.
Later it came to their knowledge,that one of the other bicycle companies at the fair had been bodypainting some girls in order to sell more bikes.Some guys just don´t know how to take business serious and why don´t they announce happenings like that!?

7 October 2009

Larry and Harry on Tour Part 2

For those of our faithful readers,who have been waiting anxiously to see if Larry and Harry actually made it out of Berlin,we now bring Part 2 of the Tour de Eurobike.
Waking up at the bottom of a beercan,our two brave boys jumped into their van,and headed for the south.What seems to be an eternity later,they arrived their hotel;a bavarian wet dream in the middle of an apple plantation.
Life couldn´t be more different from the Berlin madness they had been a part of.
Meeting up with the Terminator of Porto,Steff,they now started living the countrylife.Bikeassembling and picnics became the new life.So then it happened as a symbol of harmony and beauty:Larry changed his urban dancingshoes into sandals....