24 September 2009

The Champ


In April,we were racing with Bullitts in the Danish Cargobike Championship.Though we won the relay,we were beaten by a spoke in the final.In May we went to Berlin with Team Bullitt for the European Championship for Messengers.Four bikes in Top 5 is fantastic,but we missed the gold.Yesterday morning the cargobikes raced at the Messenger World Championship in Tokyo,CWMC.As you maybe remember the 4-time worldchampion,Erik Zo,had joined Team Bullitt for this event.But it was Angus from the Trackbike Shop in Copenhagen,who took the gold.Usually Angus is riding a Bilenky but yesterday he rode a pink Bullitt.

Larry & Harry loves Erik & Angus!

23 September 2009

Riding with kids

The PigBullitt

In Denmark there is a lot of talking about the dangerous pittbull.
Fair enough,but take a closer look at this:the PigBullitt.
Scary stuff!

11 September 2009

Larry and Harry on Tour Part 1

The following pictures are taken of Larry and Harry on their way to the Eurobike fair in Southern Germany.
First stop Berlin:Beer,Bullitts and karaoke.