21 August 2009

The Hand of the Champ

I had a call the other day from San Fransisco.The guy in the other end where pretty enthusiastic;it sounded like he was jumping up and down,screaming and laughing.Despite this his prensentation was clear:"My name is Erik ZO and I am the reigning freight bike world champion!".In the discussion that followed,I realized that he wasn´t only the reigning champ,but four time world champion.What he wished from me was to be allowed to be a part of Team Bullitt at The World Messenger Championship in Tokyo 2009!
We are honored to be chosen by this legend!!
Not only a pair of excellent legs but also a fantastic personality and best of all:His grandparents were Danish citizens.

So during the championship, Erik will be as Danish as rødgrød and Bullitt.


  1. erik zo is about as danish as a pastry you buy from starbucks.

  2. how do you confuse erik zo? You put him in a round room and tell him to piss in the corner?

  3. How many Erik Zo's does it take to sew a bag?

  4. what do you tell Erik Zo when he has 2 black eyes? Nothing, he has already been told twice.

  5. Erik Zo was riding a unicycle down the street carrying a courier bag. He ran into one of his buddies, who asked,

    "Hey! What's in the bag?"

    Erik Zo tells his friend that he has some coffee in the bag. His friend says,

    "Well, I'll make you a bet. If I can guess how many pounds of coffee you have in the bag, you'll have to give me one."

    Erik Zo says, "I'll tell you what. If you tell me how many pounds of coffee I have in this bag, I'll give you both of them."

  6. Africa Black should really find a hobby. Being an internet troll is sooo 2004.

  7. WELL at least he has a sense of humor..and he can spell my name (the danish way) MY mother was born A DANE in sweden as her father was in the danish underground at at the point in 1944 the sailboat he was smuggling people out of denmark on was in sweden. Both my Mor-mor and Mor-far were danish. I usally don't get confused with directions and in cases where I would not be able to use a toilet I would not be adverse to wearing incontenent peoples diapers..but I ussally don't get confused in round rooms. I am the ONLY ERIK ZO that sews zo bags and for the last 10 years I have been the sole source of labor for my zo bag construction. LAST TIME I had a black eye it was from running head on to a SOMOAN tourist on a mountain bike on the tower of the goldengate bridge (wouldnt have headbutted him if I was on a longjon).. AND THIS africa black might know me.. I like coffee from the subconinent and I do take it black. I DO ride a unicycle..and most of the time the coffee in my bag is unroasted so the guessing question would be if I have two pounds of green coffee beans and I roast them how many pounds will I have when they are roasted...AND I tend to give away stuff without quiz questions anyway...SPEAKING of TROLLs do you know those DAMM things? My mormor and her sister had wood ones mad by the father of the DAMM guy that marketed the plastic ones..Those trools are so cute....

  8. HILARIOUS EXCHANGE! Thanks All =)