21 August 2009

The Hand of the Champ

I had a call the other day from San Fransisco.The guy in the other end where pretty enthusiastic;it sounded like he was jumping up and down,screaming and laughing.Despite this his prensentation was clear:"My name is Erik ZO and I am the reigning freight bike world champion!".In the discussion that followed,I realized that he wasn´t only the reigning champ,but four time world champion.What he wished from me was to be allowed to be a part of Team Bullitt at The World Messenger Championship in Tokyo 2009!
We are honored to be chosen by this legend!!
Not only a pair of excellent legs but also a fantastic personality and best of all:His grandparents were Danish citizens.

So during the championship, Erik will be as Danish as rødgrød and Bullitt.

Eurobike 2009

Like last year,Larry and Harry will be found at the Eurobikefair in Friederichshafen.From the 2.nd to the 5.th of September they will show their Bullitts and the newest accessories.Drop by for a chat and a beer.

7 August 2009

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Testing the new dog box for the Bullitt with Skipper.